Welcome to my website!

I think whether it be getting or creating the tattoo should be an enjoyable exciting experience, everyone leaves with a smile! I’ve been working at Monsters of Art for over three years now, and tattooing for about nine years

I have some amazing clients that allow me a lot of artistic freedom and push me to create some unique tattoos! I hope they continue to challenge me and help me grow as an artist!

I’m a big movie fan (sci-fi, horror, superhero and animated) which all started over 24 years ago when I started as a model maker in my teenage years!

Art is such a large part of my life that even outside of work I am constantly pushing my work in different directions, model making sculpting and painting!

Contact me!

Mobile: 07748 845408 / Monsters of Art: 020 7435 3433
or email me on psyman@psymanflash.com

Or visit me at the studio Monsters of Art
112 Mill Lane, West Hampstead, London NW6 1NF